Antwerp City Tour

Try our Antwerp City Tour! Antwerp has one of the biggest ports of Europe and the main harbour of Belgium,

Antwerp has all the charm of a mariners town. But it is also the centre of Europe’s diamond trade, as 80% of the world’s rough diamonds pass through the skilled hands of the Antwerp diamond cutters and polishers.

Antwerp City Tour

Antwerp City Tour

Your driver knows the best spots, and will be glad to organize a free visit to one of the big diamond houses to see how much patience and skill is needed in this ‘many-facetted’ craft.

Tired from walking and shopping in the high fashion streets? Find shelter in one of the quaint restaurants, with a ‘pintje’ Belgian beer and a traditional seafood dish. Antwerp has the best mussels in the world!

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Mercedes Vito (8 people)

Mercedes Vito

The Mercedes-Bens Vito is a luxury mini van. There are 8 places in the car, these seats will give you a smooth and warm feeling, you will be relaxed and fresh when you arrive on your destination.

VW passat (3 people)

VW Passat

The Volkswagen is a with the luxury of a high-end sedan. In the large booth is enough place for you luggage. This has a very smooth ride this will result in a calm and relaxing journey for you!