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Brussels to Paris – Train or Minibus?

Are you travelling with a group of family from Brussels to Paris? Train travel seems the most likely choice. But it isn’t! From about 4 to 5 persons, the trip from Brussels to Paris (or from Paris to Brussels) by luxury taxi or minibus is just as fast but much more comfortable and a lot cheaper than a train trip. Let us explain:

Brussels – Paris by train

Taking the train from Brussels to Paris is actually a lot of hassle. Let’s say you are a party of six and your train leaves around 3.30 PM. First of all, you need to leave around 2.00 o’clock from your Brussels hotel and take a taxi (or two if you are more than 4 persons) to the ‘Brussel Midi’ train station. There, you unload, get your tickets, check in on the right platform and get on the train, hustling to find the right seats and stowing away your bags. The train trip by bullet train (TGV) takes about one and a half hours so you arrive at Paris Gare du Nord (North station) around five. There, you need to hunt for taxis (don’t forget your bags!) to take you to the hotel, where you’ll arrive – all flustered – around six. Total cost: severely frayed nerves and around 900 euros.

Brussels – Paris by luxury minibus

We pick you up around 14.00 hours at your hotel and load your luggage in the back of our comfortable and spacious Mercedes minibus. You’ll spend a couple of hours driving through the Belgium and French countryside In your own company, without any disturbances. If you like, the driver can share some interesting facts about the sights on the way. Three to four hours later, you arrive at your Paris hotel, where the driver will help you unload your bags and check in. You’ll be completely relaxed and rested, ready for a night on the town. Total cost: around 500 euros.

Ask for a Brussel – Paris transfer quote!

Want to travel from Brussels to Paris? Forget the train. A Euroclass Travel taxi or minibus offers first class comfort for an economy price. Contact us for a fast quote and see if we can beat the trains!

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Mercedes Vito (8 people)

Mercedes Vito

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