Tours of Belgium

You haven’t really seen Belgium until you’ve sampled our ‘Tours Of Belgium’. We’ve created many exciting and original Belgian travel experiences that will not only show you the world famous Belgian sites but also the hidden gems. With the possibility to explore more of Belgium in less time!

Tours of Belgium

Tours of Belgium

Guided tours of Belgium

We can organize a private tailor-made tour for you and your family. Let us take you under our wings and show you the hidden gems of Belgium. We dont give the usual long boring lectures. We only tell interesting stories geared directly to your interests instead.

On large tours in a group you are always stuck to their schedule. Sometimes they even leave out the most interesting details because it would be impossible for everyone in a group to see it.

When you are on your own you have your nose in some guidebook and you lose a lot of time finding your way around. None of this will happen if you choose us and let us organize your own private tour!

Interested? Contact us and let us know who you are and what you are looking for. We will be glad to help you!

Mercedes Vito (8 people)

Mercedes Vito

The Mercedes-Bens Vito is a luxury mini van. There are 8 places in the car, these seats will give you a smooth and warm feeling, you will be relaxed and fresh when you arrive on your destination.

VW passat (3 people)

VW Passat

The Volkswagen is a with the luxury of a high-end sedan. In the large booth is enough place for you luggage. This has a very smooth ride this will result in a calm and relaxing journey for you!