Travel to Belgium

Travel to Belgium and be amazed…

If you like Europe and you love to travel, Belgium is a great place to start. Belgium is a small country, wedged in between France, the Netherlands and Germany, with an atmosphere that takes the best of all of these countries. It combines the open attitude towards foreigners and different languages from the Dutch, the ‘joie de vivre’ and great culinary skills from the French, and the realistic no-nonsense character of the Germans. But Belgium is very much a country of its own. This small kingdom on the North Sea offers everything a traveller could wish for.

Travel To Belgium

Travel To Belgium

Brussels, capital of Europe

The capital of Belgium is the bilingual city of Brussels, where most people speak the native Flemish (a Dutch dialect) and French. But where you can speak English with almost every Belgian you meet, from the hotel desk down to the smallest restaurants in the historic city centre. Even the green grocers and public transportation drivers will be able to communicate with you in English. This makes Brussels – also home of the European Government – a comfortable landing point for your Belgium travels. Read more about our special City Tours!

Rolling hills, quaint cities

Travelling outside Brussels in the Belgian countryside you will be amazed at the variety of the landscape, from the wide sandy beaches on the North Sea coast to the snowy hills of the Ardennes, near the German Border. There are many sites worth a detour. Think of the Venice-like city of Bruges, with its many canals, boat trips and carriage rides on the medieval cobblestones. And the lively harbour of Antwerp, where hundreds of small restaurants and ‘stamineekes’ (the typical Belgium pubs) will show you the immense hospitality of the inhabitants of Belgium.

Discover Belgium, travel with Euroclass

It doesn’t matter whether you travel to Belgium for the culture, the food or the landscape, Euroclass Travel will gladly help you put together an itinerary to fit your preferences. Please contact Euroclass Travel in an early stage of your travel plans, so we can help you discover the real Belgium… our Belgium.

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